A day trip to Malmö


Malmö is a charming city in Sweden, just 30 minutes away from Copenhagen. So, if you are planning on visiting Copenhagen and have an extra day to spare, drop by Malmö, you won’t be disappointed.

Malmöhus Castle

Malmöhus Castle is the oldest Scandinavia’s Renaissance castle, where Denmark’s coins were minted in the Middle Ages. At the time of my visit, the castle held several exhibitions. The permanent exhibitions primarily focus on history and the temporary exhibitions addressed issues such as the integration of romani people in Sweden. In the underground floor you will find an aquarium! There you can explore ‘nature’ represented by many stuffed specimens, the fish are real tho!

Malmö Konsthall

Malmö Konsthall is one of Europe’s largest exhibition halls for contemporary art.

Upon my visit, they held Rosa Barba’s exhibition called ‘Elements of Conduct’. The artist’s medium was film and by using it, she explored it through various experimental approaches to it, including film itself, a projector, the sound. The combination created the feeling of industrialisation and unease but at the same time it transported me to a fictional world. I don’t know why but her film From Source to Poem (2016) transformed me to the world of the movie Stalker (1979) by A.Trakovsky. He too only by storytelling, scenery and image collaging was able to create the feeling of uneasiness, the feeling of alienation.

Streets of Malmö

Another suggestion for exploring Malmö is to walk around the city and get inspired by its people, architecture, parks and life in general.

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