My name is Deimante and I come from Lithuania. However, I have been living in Denmark for past 8 years. I am a recent graduate in corporate communication with interest in digital marketing and currently looking for a job. Therefore, I see this blog as a gateway from the job search related stress.

I have always been interested in creating things, especially painting. When I was younger, I used to glue newspaper clips onto a think carton paper and poor industrial paint (we were renovating at that time). I would then look at shapes of the paint puddles and try to create a cohesive piece of art.

At the moment I am quite obsessed with linocut technique of making prints. I think I am excited about it, because it has the mystery of not knowing about how the final print will look like at the end. At the beginning I felt quite intimated by the variety of great linocut makers out there and thought whether I can be as good as them one day. However, I want to enjoy the process first and then see how my skills improve.

Moreover, I enjoy being in nature. I like taking a day walk to explore my neighbourhood or going on longer hikes with a tent, a backpack and a map. Thus, I will be sharing my hiking experiences on the blog as well.

Lastly, let’s talk about plants! I think I jumped on the plant bandwagon quite on time. I see that many people out there are becoming urban gardeners and I am loving such a trend! I am becoming one of them too. My favourite plants are: pilea, asparagus fern (it gives me the forest feeling) and a bird of paradise plant (I still need to buy one). So, I will be also sharing my experiences of keeping, styling and living with plants.

I hope you enjoy it!

Warm regards,