My new obsession – linocut!


My relationship with linocut started when I was scrolling down my Instargarm feed and I saw these beautiful cacti prints. It took me a while to research and find out how this technique was called. Shortly, linocut is a printing technique with which you carve in relief on a block of linoleum.

I was really excited to try this form of printing and thus I ordered my kit on Boesner.

What do you think of my first attempt to make a linocut print? I think it turned out quite great. I had to draw directly on the linoleum piece, because I haven’t thought the process through and I did not buy graphite paper! The graphite paper helps transferring the illustration onto the linocut piece. Note to self for future creations!

Well, here I present my print of jellyfish!

The linocut carving on the linoleum

The final print

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