A Saturday visit to Aarstiderne – the green oasis


If you drive to the north of Copenhagen, and end up on Humlebæk Strandvej, turn left on Krogerupvej and drive straight for couple hundred of meters. There you will find a wonderful place called Aarstiderne – the green oasis  – where you can buy fresh veggies, grab a fresh cup of coffee or just take a stroll around their garden.

Ok, are you wondering what this unpronounceable Aarstiderne is? The idea behind Aarstiderne is quite simple – to provide people with fresh and delicious veggies, fruits, meat and fish. For example, the veggies are ecological and grown either in Denmark or other countries with which Aarstiderne collaborates. Every supplier has to comply with the danish ecological rules and standards.

Currently they deliver to around 40.000 families in Denmark and 5.000 in Sweden.

My boyfriend and I discovered the company quite accidentally by searching new ways to improve our diet. The first order was with the purpose to try and see whether this concept is for us and whether it is worth the money. We both agreed to order the vegan crate and ever since we fell in love with this concept. The vegan crate is organized for 2 people for 4 days. We love that we do not need to think what to  make for dinner or ask the eternal question “What’s for dinner?” We get the crate with exact amount of ingredients we need for the recipes. Plus recipes are included. So, just relax, follow the instructions and cook! It was a great and easy way to jump into a new diet. Plus you get a variety of different ingredients  that you might not think of buying yourself.

So, as customers we were invited to “Landskøkken” (The land kitchen) on Saturday where two employees told us a bit more about the company while serving delicious food of pickled cabbage, lemon with chilli, lentil spread and much more.

After the lunch, we walked around the amazing gardens full with veggies, flowers and berries.

Saturday spent well!

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