What are men to rocks and mountains?

mountains scenery

“What are young men to rocks and mountains?”, asks Elizabeth enthusiastically while anticipating her trip to the “…lakes, mountains, and rivers” and indicating her intention to “…know where we have gone–we will recollect what we have seen”.

I too was excited to experience my very first trip to the mountains. Since I was born in Lithuania and currently residing in Denmark – both flatlands packed with hills, dunes, rivers, lakes and forests except mountains of course. For this reason, mountains were always a dreamy land of some sort.

I am lucky to have a boyfriend who comes from the mountainy country of Romania. So, I had a chance to visit the Carpathian Mountains.

The hike started from the hiker’s home called Cabana Valea Sambetei. We arrived there quite late in the evening. The atmosphere in the cabin was very cosy and warm, probably because of the fact that the owner was celebrating his birthday! What a luck! It was great to experience the hospitality of the hosts. Warm meal, lots of liquor and live music! I could not have expected a better start for my hiking trip.

The next morning we started our journey early in the morning after having a cop of coffee and some snacks. I was baffled by the foggy weather. I really wanted to see the mountains. The climb was quite easy but slow because I had to take many pictures. Unfortunately my phone died after 1-2 in the trip! Luckily,I had my Olympus film camera! I was saved! After several hours of climbing, we were blessed by thin rays of the sun and suddenly the fog and heavy clouds moved and I finally saw the heavy blocks of stone up in the sky. They were majestic and truly breathtaking. I also realized how high I was and how small the valley looked. But we kept moving, because we had to reach a shelter in which we would spend a night.

After we reached fereastra mare a Sambetei it took us less than an hour to reach the shelter. I saw it far away in the mist – white and with a red cross on the roof. It was raining and the wind was strong, so I was super happy seeing the shelter. It was quite vandalised and the door was broken, but at least we had a roof and walls to keep us relatively warm.

I haven’t done much hiking that day, we just settled in.

The next morning we relaxed and just enjoyed the view.

During this hike, I realised that climbing down takes more energy than going up. After our journey down, my feet, calfs and legs in general were in so much pain. In addition, a backpack (that somehow did not get lighter) just kept pulling me down! But I survived my first mountain trip, and I am looking forward to many more to come 🙂

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